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August's Monthly Creatures Will Be Delayed

July 28, 2022 at 6:25 PM

New August Monthlies Will Be Delayed

August's monthly release, scheduled for August 1, will be delayed by a few days. This is for new creatures only. Our artist that was commissioned for August's new creatures is experiencing an unexpected hardship and family emergency. August's creatures have been sent over to another artist for completion but they will not be completed by August 1.

Unvaulted creatures—the Hulae and Onabi—will still be released on August 1, so do not miss that!

While it is not for certain, it is looking like August's new monthly creatures will be released by August 3rd or 4th. This date can still change and we'll keep you posted. We will still announce August's random theme on August 1 for fun (you won't have to wait for the new creatures)!

We do apologize for the delay, but here at Egg Cave we're real people too and have family matters to attend to. We appreciate your understanding.

Hermicone Frisbees

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Comments: 35

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

Love the new items 😃 oh no- Hope it gets better soon!

stargaze • 1 week ago

that's really sad ☹️ i hope the artist and their family will get through the hardships! cool frisbees though!! 😊

etherealdreams • 1 week ago

That's not good, I hope everything clears up! Looking forward to the new creatures!

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

Any guesses on the new theme? I think plants...?

gemini_1261 • 1 week ago

Awh, I feel so bad for the artist. Hope their family gets well soon! New items look cool though :]

Ian • 1 week ago

all the best to our artist through this tough time 🖤

Ian • 1 week ago

@wonder404exe nope -- not plants this time! Something else... think 🧑🏼‍🚀🔭

sparklefox • 1 week ago

Wishing the artist all the best.

dragonnn • 1 week ago

Thank you for the heads up!

etherealdreams • 1 week ago

@Ian GASP is it space???

prairie • 1 week ago

Best wishes to the artist and their family. Totally understandable for the delay!! With the re-releases I’m sure everyone will still be excited for August 1st.

twilightshine • 1 week ago

Wishing all the best to the artist, hope that the emergency clears up soon ❤️

wonder404exe • 1 week ago


wonder404exe • 1 week ago

@ian shoot.... Probs buying the CSP creatures... Gotta save up! xD

catpeejasmine • 1 week ago

Sending good thoughts for the artist and their family! Is the plan for August creatures still to go through the 31st only, or is there consideration being given to extending that? (Or may that depend on when they are able to be released?)

sky • 1 week ago

Well wishes to the artist and their family! Regardless of the delay I'll be looking forward to seeing the new creatures when they arrive! ❤️

heatherm19 • 1 week ago

❤️❤️ Just another reason to love Eggcave. Thank you so much for keeping us informed and updated ahead of time (seriously, the staff communication here is SO REFRESHING after a certain other petsite). Real-life health/wellness always comes first, sending vibes to the artist!

raccoon • 1 week ago

Disappointing to hear that the new creatures will be delayed but I totally understand! I hope things improve for the first artist and their family!

mieumyau • 1 week ago

I hope things get better soon for the artist and their family! Thanks for keeping us updated. Btw, the frisbees are really cute.

glaselkj • 1 week ago

hopely they get it done soon with next months pets though hope the theme for it wont be like the mustroom one though

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

@glaselkj i think its space theme 😊

snowywinter • 1 week ago

Best wishes to the first artist that things turn around for the better, and wishing the 2nd artist luck working hard to get the new art out in a timely manner. ❤️

aedia • 1 week ago

Prayers to the artist in this hard time. And thank you for keeping us updated!!

dragrawr • 1 week ago

Hope everything Is okay, best of luck and prayers to the family and the artist. I’m sure the art is lovely and there is no pressure. We players don’t mind a little delay 💕💕💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸💕💕💕

pwuffy • 1 week ago

best wishes to the artist ☹️ ❤️ delays happen, it's no big deal, thank you for the communication!

kleineprinz • 1 week ago

Hi, courage to the artist. I hope it will go better for him.

glaselkj • 1 week ago

if its space then the creatures better be cute at least or i be not happy about it though

raindrops • 1 week ago

@Ian Will keep the artist & family members with our prayers. Thank you for updating.

sybil_howlett • 1 week ago

I hope the artist and their family feels better soon, my well-wishes, prayers and thoughts are with them ❤️

eijirokirishima • 1 week ago

I hope things get better for the artist

ravensong • 1 week ago

Hope things are resolving okay for the EggCave artist!

izziedragon • 1 week ago

Completely understandable. Hope the situation improves

jlya • 1 week ago

So sorry to hear about the hardship!! ❤️ Praying for the artist's family and y'all take all the time you need. My favorite part about Eggcave is the staff is human, personable and genuine. I'll take that over perfection any day. Much love to all of you ❤️

sorrow • 1 week ago

best wishes for the artist family ❤️

rabbitwanter • 1 week ago

sending love to the artist and family❤️