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Ibridi Now Available

January 5, 2017 at 4:58 PM      

IBRIDI NOW AVAILABLE - Congratulations! Thanks to the generous support of all Arkians, research for the Ibridi has been completed! It is now available at the Creature Labs.


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valorie100 · 8 months ago


glados · 8 months ago

enjoy the ibridi. reminds me of catdog ! tbt to my childhood !!

ida92 · 8 months ago

Wow, @glados , thanks to you ghis was the fastest research ever!

leafmelody · 8 months ago

Thanks a bunch @GlaDos ;D And oooooh cute but I'm kinda broke now ^^; Ehehe time to save up ;D

mrsgiggles · 8 months ago

LOL, thanks to the Thief Shop, I'm broke and can't afford this one. Bring on the 15th!

glados · 8 months ago

( sorry ian )

element · 8 months ago

Cuter version of catdog And thanks glados!

poptarts · 8 months ago

Well dang lol XD

elivelton_white · 8 months ago

reminds me of catdog ! tbt to my childhood !![2]

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

Wow that was so fast 0-0 thanks so much at @glados XD I barely have 1mil lol. Creature is adorable!!!

poptarts · 8 months ago

Ian you should make another one now.

username · 8 months ago

One fine day with a woof and a purr, a baby was born and it caused a little stir...

sony · 8 months ago

YASSSSS THANK YOU SO MUCH [enough pings for ya lol] -- love the creature *-* all stages are pretty o-o

icymuffin · 8 months ago

Shortest fundraiser ever. That was great xD

immortalraven · 8 months ago

OMG it's Catdog lol. If only I had that name /dies/ xD

immortalraven · 8 months ago

Thanks glados

fakeworld · 8 months ago

THIS IS SO HILARIOUS! Lol thanks @glados

silverserpent · 8 months ago

That's amazing... All @glados's auctions paid off. xD

umbregrl · 8 months ago

That was fast! Remind me too of Catdog I use to watch when I was a kid. XD

mrsgiggles · 8 months ago

How does this thing, you know, do its business?

bunnyshadow · 8 months ago

This creature is terrible if you think about it... Riot !! >_> Imagine the experiments.

Ian · 8 months ago

OMg. this was the faSTEST THING EVER. wow, guys! you all amaze me every day!

maleficent · 8 months ago

Glados FTW! I remember catdog

poptarts · 8 months ago

@mrsgiggles From the other mouth?

mrsgiggles · 8 months ago

@poptarts Eeeeeeeuw. LOL.

jello · 8 months ago

@mrsgiggles well, only @glados would know.

333 · 8 months ago

Wow, it's a cat and a dog. I didn't know this was happening, I even checked the SAR Centre a few days ago. Thanks, mostly @glados!

333 · 8 months ago

Oh right. It happened while I was asleep. OK, Egg Cave, you got me!

spiritkoi · 8 months ago

CATDOG! And that was fast!

valorie100 · 8 months ago

@ian, will there be travels for this?

ethereality · 8 months ago

@glados tysm

silverserpent · 8 months ago

@mrsgiggles I try very hard not to think about that question actually. It's better that way..,. xD

darkshadow333 · 8 months ago

No way It's catDog!

raccoon · 8 months ago

Wowie @glados thank you so much!! Extremely generous!!! Has there ever been a 1 day SAR creature before now? !

izziebee1017 · 8 months ago

That was quick.

lunacharm1037 · 8 months ago

@glados catdog lol that brings back memories

animegirlalways · 8 months ago

Wow, that was fast.

arvak · 8 months ago

Holy cow! I didn't even get a chance to donate. You guys are great!

metaphor · 8 months ago


nightmaremoon12 · 8 months ago

Immediately reminded of Catdog like every single person.

panthersclaw · 8 months ago

Wow Thanks glados! That took less than 2 hours to complete Yay CatDog the memories

sparklefox · 8 months ago

That was... pretty fast.

dragonnn · 8 months ago

Cool creature!

leafmelody · 8 months ago

#FastestEvah XD