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May 2023: Double Feed Day

May 14, 2023 at 12:00 AM

It's Double Feed Day!

It's the second Sunday of the month... for today you can earn double the Egg Coins for feeding creatures everywhere on the site. So, start visiting your friends' profiles and take advantage of it!

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Comments: 23

heatherm19 • 14 May 2023, 12:21 AM

Happy Double-Feed Day everyone!! All my accounts are feed-friendly, feel free to hit up my Floofies side with over 1k creatures!

snowywinter • 14 May 2023, 12:21 AM

Wow, this announcement took a while to drop. 12:19 AM (Good looking bunch of items this go 'round though ; ) Yum!)

mr-blue-bones • 14 May 2023, 12:28 AM

Terrible timing for a water pipe in my wall to break 😅 Both my accounts are feed friendly!

snowywinter • 14 May 2023, 12:30 AM

Just a friendly reminder there are lots of hungry coves in Thread 1 & Thread 2. (The lists haven't been updated in a while, so there's more on additional pages.) 😊

snowywinter • 14 May 2023, 12:33 AM

@mr-blue-bones Oh no! Hopefully it can get fixed quickly! (We had one break under our house on Christmas Eve and it was spraying our floor.) It's never just water, gotta worry about mold after something like that -_-

daisycat • 14 May 2023, 12:35 AM

My cove is feed friendly (136 creatures). 😸 And Happy Mother's Day to all mamas!

bunnyshadow • 14 May 2023, 12:45 AM

Awesome! Been waiting for this.

ekmmke • 14 May 2023, 12:58 AM

My cove is feed friendly! So is my immortals storage account @im_mortalls 😊

mastergemma • 14 May 2023, 12:59 AM

Woooo feeding time!

sunduck • 14 May 2023, 1:18 AM

Happy Double Feed Day and Happy Mothers Day to all of you mommas out there!

dragongirl02 • 14 May 2023, 1:22 AM

Feel free to feed my cove. I'm going to try to do it. May's one falls on Mother's Day, meaning plans which add more trickiness to doing it in May. I need the ECs because the 12 quest task days have become more challenging & costlier. It might mean an overnighter, in my case.

okami • 14 May 2023, 1:22 AM

My cove is feed friendly 😊

dzschau0212 • 14 May 2023, 2:10 AM

my cove is feed friendly, need feedings anyways 😊

isis • 14 May 2023, 3:44 AM

Yippie!! Feel free to feed over here as well!

sorrow • 14 May 2023, 3:56 AM

@sorrow @desolation @dejection are all feed friendly!

sparklefox • 14 May 2023, 4:38 AM

My cove is also feed friendly and fairly large. Feedbacks may be either slow or non-existent, sorry.

stefrawr • 14 May 2023, 8:29 AM

My main cove which is larger, is feed friendly @stefrawr and my small baby side account is feed friendly as well lol @skullflower

kediset • 14 May 2023, 9:05 AM

I'm feed friendly ^^ and Happy Mother's Day!

asbe • 14 May 2023, 9:37 AM

My cove is feed friendly ^^ Happy feeding!

pastelrabbit • 14 May 2023, 11:12 AM

My cove is feed friendly! Feel free to feed all my creatures or my quick feed tab!

5eggs79 • 14 May 2023, 2:59 PM

Happy feeding everyone! Completely feed-friendly over here - same with my sides @legend and @skyclan!

lynncrow • 14 May 2023, 3:43 PM

If people are looking for more coves to feed for ec, I've got 1k creatures between this account and @secretcove that are all feed friendly. 😊

vivian • 14 May 2023, 8:03 PM

Hooray! I didn't know about this happening today, as I am new! I've been feeding and clicking in the click exchange like crazy since I woke up this morning! xD (My entire cove is also feed friendly & I feed back, winkwink lol) Happy Mother's Day & Double Feed Day everyone ♡