Event Idea: The Mirror World, Kra! Detectives, Dimensions, & Demons oh my!

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achimenes • 18 February 2019 at 3:05 AM

Plot/Event |Creature Battles | Other-Worldly Dimensions (Fiery Shadows, Space, The Mirror World to Ark: Kra)

Time / Duration of Event : May, June, July (???) / All month, ending on the last day of the month at 11:59 P.M. ECT.

The creatures of Ark are slowly going missing, and the nights are getting longer than days. The scientists of the SAR center (And citizens of Ark) have noticed that creatures from their natural habitats have moved into ones they normally wouldn't be in. Crime is more frequent in Ark City, and creatures have turned nasty towards citizens of Ark, some in zombie-like states.

With these abnormalities around, someone has decided to step in and investigate.

Aerorian, lead detective and Son of Aeroria the Aerlo from Town Hall, is searching for answers.


He's always dreamed of becoming a detective, and worked hard for years, all his way up for a special case just like this. Now that Ark has a Police Department (The A.C.P.D.) that has officially opened up, he's getting down to business. (This is where the player will be detective Aerorian's second-hand, and help look around the world of ark for clues, interrogating creatures, shop keepers, etc.)

- Tim - Pangy - Linda - (Travel Agency Keeper)
- Cathy - Kirk - Marzi -Nebby - Wendy - Finley
- Doovoo Thief Shop keep -Aki the Bright - Kantor

Each NPC has their own dialogue, and the player will ask each individual NPC if they've noticed something strange (other than the usual things that have been occurring) and an NPC (or two) will have some interesting things to share.)

One of the NPC's have thought to have seen a large, menacing creature lurking around, and Aerorian jots this down. Another NPC swore they saw something portal-like appear, but shrugged it off as their imagination since there was nothing there after a blink of an eye.

Aerorian tells the player to meet him back at the A.C.P.D. so they can go over together what they have so far. (There's a board in his office that will show what the player has found with Aerorian so far, showing the first day as the picture of the NPC and of what they witnessed.) (( I thought of each day the event goes by, the next chapter will be unlocked to play. And it could go throughout the month so others have a chance to finish it up.))

Aerorian will tell the player to pack it up for today, and get some rest so that way they can look for clues the next day.

There's a part where the Adoption Center has been attacked, and Aerorian and the player go to investigate and ask Linda questions. Linda is not harmed, but a bit shaken after the attack. When asked what had happened, she claims that a Large, lengthy creature with sharp claws and large teeth had asked if she had been hiding a "Dimensional-hopping" Chimmy in her center, to which she replied she did not. The creature, outraged, tore the place apart while Linda hid.

The player and Aerorian then looks at the disaster around them, searching for any trace of evidence of a possible creature. After the player finds the claw marks and charred wood, it narrows it down to a creature with claws and is able to breathe/handle fire. As the story progresses, these claw marks and burns seem to travel to more NPC's, causing more outrage and confusion to the city, and the case.

Going to skip ahead, because I don't want to give all the ideas away!

It's the grand opening event of the Leila Battledome! Athena, The Fierce-fighting Eurog ( https://sta.sh/0gqum44q0tg I decided to draw different angles of her Was gonna draw armor, etc. but I couldn't decide what to do! ) welcomes any/all challengers to fight and get stronger! She seeks strong creatures to help protect Ark, especially in times like this. A perfect leader, some would say! She can keep calm in any dire situation, and keep pumped up for fights whenever the time calls for it!

Aerorian and the player ask Athena if she has seen anything strange lately, and she states that there is a creature she never seen before ask about the "Heart of the World" and who it's keeper is. Asking why the strange creature wants to know, the creature grunted and flew away.

Aerorian and The player head on over to the library to see what the "Heart of the World" is, to which, Kantor is frightened at first, but provides the information along with a picture in a book he keeps locked away now knowing they aren't looking to reuse the information for evil deeds.

("Heart of the World" Of Ark https://sta.sh/02cezbt53z4w A stone made up of elements from all across the world, said to have been created back in Ark's past by Heims (Belonging To Ark's Caves) along with the Corunis, (Unknown) and Golems of old times, to keep the world alive and thriving. If the stone is plucked or damaged in any way, the world will slowly crumble away and die, leaving nothing left alive.)

(Basically, the Heims stands for Ark, while the Corunis stand for the world of Kra, the Mirror World. Both creatures merged their powers to create jewel-like vessels for the life of both worlds to be protected. The idea of both worlds having a "Heart" was sparked from the Heim's Archive entry: "Similar to other eggs that have a stone, removing this sapphire early will cause the Heims egg to die." )

Aerorian and the player learn that there is, in fact, a mirror world to this one.

Reading further through the pages, they come across a world that looks strikingly similar to this one, with unfamiliar (and some quite familiar) creatures across the pages. "IF the heart of one world were to disappear, the other world would slowly die as well. Creatures will riot, the days shorter, and the nights lasting longer. If these disasters occur, it means that the world is in it's final days."

Something written at the bottom of the page:

One that feeds off of death, a being of pure evil,
one who commands an army of death,
growing stronger, a world it devours as it's meal,
as colorful as it looks, looks can be deceiving,
for this creature takes evil to a whole new meaning.

After they leave the library, a group of creatures begin to attack (Demonettes and Mefistos) Aerorian and the player the more and more they get closer to the truth, and this is where the player fights back with their creatures! Afterwards, Aerorian asks the player to return to the A.C.P.D. to put together the evidence they've collected so far. The creatures they've encountered and heard about so far, all seem to be in the Archives, but don't appear to have a habitat.
Demonettes / Mefisto Uknown Habitats (Suggesting they came from the other universe)

Aerorian remembers something about the "Chimmy" creature and searches through the Archives once more. Reading that the Chimmy can appear and disappear at random. "Studies have shown that this is due to the eggs existing in both this dimension and another. What other dimension that is no one knows yet."

This all leads up to the "Strange Creature" Finally being captured by Athena. She caught the creature lurking around the battle arena. His name is Amadeus, a wise Gorue who protects the other dimension. In his dimension, he is the opposite creature of the Eurog, Athena. The Chimmy that hangs around helped Amadeus get to this world in help to save the other world, that needs a new heart. Some Corunis and Heims are still around Ark, this could help tremendously. But they'd need more than just a pair, and with evil high on their heels, it's going to be a wicked battle for ages to come! The fight for Ark, and Kra, and the survival for all creatures!

If you'd like to see the Gorue, he's in the suggestion over here!


I also had an idea of adding in Citizen's of Ark were blaming the S.A.R. center for the abnormalities of creatures etc. due to their testings and such, and Cathy be interviewed by "Ark News". So far, the media and citizens are blaming the creation of the Efni for the large amounts of toxic slime driving creatures away from their habitats and riling them up. (To which, Aerorian and the player tries to help Cathy with this matter, putting off their case for a bit. Trying to convince to Ark's citizens that the substances are contained at all times and that the matter doesn't seem to add up to the creature's behavior, doesn't seem to get the citizens any calmer, thus, rioting against the S.A.R. center.) This is where Cathy asks for help to prove that the research of the Efni isn't the cause of the creatures across the world's change of nature.

It would be a spectacular thing to bring the community together, and watch in awe and shock as Ark, the world we know and love dearly, takes a big leap into something much bigger than we ever thought could be possible!

Pings for peeps! (Sorry for pings! ^^')


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anarchy • 18 February 2019 at 4:48 AM


This is a pretty cool idea! Although yearly events like the Chocotravaganza are fun, I've always wanted to see more one-off plot events that have more story. It feels like it's been a while since we've had that, I think the last one was Ark Victory Day?

I also like the idea of the shopkeepers and such being characters in the event. It's a good way of letting us see another side of them beyond being static shopkeeper NPCs. And nice job with Aerorian. Love the Hawaiian shirt and his hardboiled detective look haha

Would the Gorue be given to users who complete the plot? I like the idea of event-exclusive creatures, the same way Balrogs were before they were put in the CSP.

Maybe participating users could have some of their creatures actually disappear, only temporarily of course. Either have them completely hidden from their coves or their pictures replaced with question marks for the duration of the event. Could be a fun way to make the plot more immersive.

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achimenes • 18 February 2019 at 2:08 PM


Thank you! ^-^

And exactly! The more lore Ark has to offer, the more Arkians are going to be around! It really would be so cool to see the Shopkeeper NPCs in a different light. And thank you! It was really fun making his design!

And definitely! The Gorue would be the prize of the plot( if fully completed). ^-^

That sounds so cool, I hadn't thought of that! (And to let the players know the plot is starting soon, missing creature / egg pages appear all over Ark!)

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iris1929578 • 20 February 2019 at 9:17 PM


Woah, cool! I would love to see this!

There aren't any events with an actual plot now, and this would make it so much more fun

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wigglytuff • 20 February 2019 at 11:27 PM

@achimenes I really like this idea!

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achimenes • 22 February 2019 at 3:04 PM

@iris1929578 @wigglytuff

Thank you both! ^-^

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asrieldreemurr • 8 May 2019 at 5:13 AM

Finally! A mystery story that I can interact with! Its a really cool idea, and it'll insert a new character into EggCave!

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bgunny • 8 May 2019 at 9:00 AM

This is a really awesome idea! It would be so fun!

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achimenes • 27 December 2019 at 11:35 PM

@asrieldreemurr @bgunny

Thank you both! ^-^ (Sorry I'm just now seeing this! ^^' )