Yay, eggcave! Happy birthday! It's been a joy and a pleasure *bows* Holy cow, my birthday's the 27th, SO SOON, YIKES 20 Jul 2017, 8:11 PM

15 July 2015
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B-Day July 27th


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2 minutes ago

~birthday, so I can get the CSPs, so that should help with my persuasion.

2 minutes ago

Heh heh, just read your first comments, lol. x3 Don't worry, I get it. xD I do the same thing, lol. I'm planning to ask for some on my~

4 minutes ago

Hallo, fed featured, feed her? >> thanks!

7 minutes ago

xD I get kind of excited whenever I see someone with that green little person. You also caught me on the two hours that I'm on!

23 hours ago

Heh heh. xD Don't worry about it. I'm sure literally everyone understands. xD

23 hours ago

Heh, thanks. x3 I keep getting anxious whenever I think about it, so that really takes a big weight off of my shoulders.

1 day ago

Don't worry, I usually don't see notifications of comments or anything either XD

1 day ago

You can kick me from the mod list, lol. x3 I was planning on doing more, but, uh... O.o'" *sweats nervously*

5 days ago

fed all but the need freeze

1 week ago

That seems pretty cool! I really need to talk to some of my other friends on EC, I haven't spoken to them in months.

1 week ago

fed all but the need frozen one

2 weeks ago

; )

2 weeks ago

Good ^^ and how about yourself? Apologies it took a couple days to respond ;w;

2 weeks ago

Happy 4th of July!

2 weeks ago

hi i am not sure of there value so its up to u what you think its worth love

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