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15 July 2015
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♔Ophra maintains rule here, she has special privileges.♔

B-Day July 27th

I only accept friend requests if we have gotten to know each other and are friends, not random ones.


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A story in which a girl must escape her prison
A story in which you have several paths you can take to upon a mountaintop

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12 hours ago

OMG Thanks you... umm... Staggy??? XD

1 week ago

Care to RP?

Please sign up []here[/url] if you would like to join us

2 weeks ago

Hi there! Will you please check out my creature suggestion:

2 weeks ago

Hey, on @endie, is the name Icefeather UFT?

3 weeks ago

Fed the Quick Feed/Eggs list.

1 month ago

not bad thank hbu?

1 month ago

Quiv or Tervita or Kepatio it's frozen

1 month ago

I also have a UFT Orciel

1 month ago

Hi, would you take a frozen Rayun or Lucky for the Quiv, or Tervita, or both for the Kepatio? Thanks!

1 month ago

Thanks! And yes, what can you offer?

1 month ago

Thanks for the offer, but I'm sorry, it's not up for trade right now.

1 month ago

Trade #884262 just offer a travel and ill send it back also ill try my very best to get you a Orciel!

1 month ago

Sure, no problem

1 month ago

It costed 500 cc so I wouldn't accept less than that, I would take no less than 700-800 cc for it

1 month ago

I haven't decided yet, you can make an offer

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