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Daily Sign In Rewards Fixed

March 13, 2019 at 2:05 PM

Daily Sign In Rewards Fixed

Daily sign in rewards were messed up over the last couple of days due to the change from Daylight Savings Time. (It always messes something up, right?!) Long story short: it has been fixed and daily sign in rewards beginning March 14 will be correct again.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


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Orderedchaos • 13 Mar 2019, 2:11 PM

*shakes fist at DST* Curse you Daylight Savings Time.

stevepat2002 • 13 Mar 2019, 2:12 PM

@they might be getting rid of it

stevepat2002 • 13 Mar 2019, 2:12 PM

@Orderedchaos they XD

Ian • 13 Mar 2019, 2:16 PM

@stevepat2002 @Orderedchaos all three states on the West Coast (WA, OR, and CA) have a bill in the state legislatures to do away with it completely!

stevepat2002 • 13 Mar 2019, 2:26 PM

@Ian YAS? Sadly I don’t live there

stevepat2002 • 13 Mar 2019, 2:26 PM

I can’t type. YAS!

sparklefox • 13 Mar 2019, 3:00 PM

DST always seems to cause at least some sort of trouble.

anarchy • 13 Mar 2019, 3:02 PM

Daylight savings at it again

Ian • 13 Mar 2019, 3:57 PM

@anarchy @sparklefox ikr?!

ethereality • 13 Mar 2019, 5:40 PM

in all seriousness i didnt even realize... the login reward needs to be increased for it to really have an effect, mabye from 100 to 1000 for each consecutive day

veritaspunk • 13 Mar 2019, 6:13 PM

It never bothered me much ... especially for since digital clocks adjust automatically... I don't feel strongly about the issue to get rid of DST, but I do like distinctive attributes to places of the world... it's become monotone in a way with the strive for global streamlining.

prairie • 14 Mar 2019, 1:39 AM

@ian lol I never bothered changing my alarm clock in my room when DST started this time round. it helped me do things faster sometimes, and left me feeling accomplished lol.

raindrops • 14 Mar 2019, 5:20 AM

@Ian There r more states that are trying to get rid of DST also. I heard on the news Minnesota, New York & Florida are trying to pass that law to. I bet in the future everyone will get in on this new law???

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