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Egg Cave's 9th Birthday

July 20, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Nine Years of Egg Cave

It's incredible to think about: Egg Cave has been on the net for almost a decade! Thank you to all of our loyal players and supporters over the years. Egg Cave has remained a unique, tight-knit community kept online by its base. After 10 years, no big corporations here — just Internet fun.

At the Toy Shop: 9th Birthday Party Bags

It wouldn't be a real birthday without gift bags, right? Find these at the Toy Shop. In case you're wondering, they behave like regular toy items (i.e. increase the happiness of your creatures).

The Threebot

Thank you to @jello for writing in the winning description in the CDWC! The first Threebot of its kind has been added to your account for free.

Building on the technology from the Macbot and Twobot, we're proud to introduce to you... the Threebot! (How original is the name, right?!) It will be available in the Cave through the end of this month and then appear in the Cash Shop Park in the month of August.

The Sughar

In keeping with Egg Cave's fire & lava month... first spotted a couple of centuries ago, the Sughar has finally arrived on the scene for possible adoption from the Cash Shop.

Many thanks to @spell for writing the winning description for this species in the CDWC. The first of its kind has been added to your account for free as the winner.

The Sughar will be available through July 31.

2018 Creature

It's time! The Creature of 2018 has arrived. Its name is the Cerberus. It is available in the Cave through the rest of this year. That's right — all the way until December 31, 2018.

Comments: 45

jello • 20 Jul 2018, 12:01 AM

EYYY you know whats up

jello • 20 Jul 2018, 12:03 AM

@crown it was on it 2 days before.

jello • 20 Jul 2018, 12:04 AM

I got the first ever Cerberus!!!

thaliel • 20 Jul 2018, 12:05 AM

will the Sughar always be 200cc or will it turn to 500 at some point in time?

prairie • 20 Jul 2018, 12:05 AM

@crown heck, I actually only noticed when I had checked for who had it. I would've thought the name would've been something more fiery. @jello Congrats on the amazing creature description!

decay • 20 Jul 2018, 12:06 AM


jello • 20 Jul 2018, 12:07 AM


jello • 20 Jul 2018, 12:09 AM

@prairie hey, can i buy the name threebot?

prairie • 20 Jul 2018, 12:09 AM

I love the Cerberus!! I wish it had a more creative name though. Names like Trick/Shrew/and now Cerberus are common RL words that aren't likely to be UFT or steal-able when the species comes out. :v

skyfall4 • 20 Jul 2018, 12:11 AM

Hey I got a pair of Male Cerberus twins

prairie • 20 Jul 2018, 12:13 AM

@jello I'm really sorry, but I love the design of the Threebot alot, so I'll be keeping the name. If I do change my mind, you'll be the first to know.

jello • 20 Jul 2018, 12:14 AM

@prairie cool. can you feed Arkitech?

netherling • 20 Jul 2018, 12:16 AM

Gosh the Cerberus . YES

immortalraven • 20 Jul 2018, 12:16 AM

SREAMS!!! I NEED the canine. OMG LOVE

telekinec • 20 Jul 2018, 12:17 AM

They are awesome

prairie • 20 Jul 2018, 12:22 AM

@Ian, Sughar archives entree is missing. Also, I *think* this is a typo. :L "After 10 years" (its only been 9??)

love23bug • 20 Jul 2018, 12:23 AM

Happy Birthday to EggCave - and I got a Threebot!

degong • 20 Jul 2018, 12:24 AM

I got so excited when I saw that the Cerberus is going to be here for five and a half months! I'm going to be hoarding these cuties. *D* (Looks like I'll be needing to do some Cove cleaning... >.>)

prairie • 20 Jul 2018, 12:30 AM

EGGCAVITY IS UPDATED!! New creature Cerberus should be open to viewing!

foxesthebest • 20 Jul 2018, 4:04 AM

How long the sughar going to be in the cash shop for

mami • 20 Jul 2018, 5:20 AM

Not gonna lie, this is all kind of underwhelming lol

icecloud101 • 20 Jul 2018, 5:20 AM

Check out this topic related to ec's 9th bday

sparklefox • 20 Jul 2018, 6:57 AM

Happy 9th birthday! The time has gone by so fast. I love the designs of the Threebot and Cerberus.

eggcavity • 20 Jul 2018, 9:11 AM

All creatures have been added to our Creature Viewer c; These are so amazing! c: Love Cerberus and was always a fan of Threebot!

maleficent • 20 Jul 2018, 9:23 AM

Yay, got a Threebot (nft) hoping to get a Cerberus today too

novrain62 • 20 Jul 2018, 9:29 AM

Happy 9th Birthday!!!

Ian • 20 Jul 2018, 10:13 AM

@thaliel Sughar will remain at 200 CC.

trashcan711 • 20 Jul 2018, 12:35 PM

:0 I need to get like 10 of those doggos asap.

spiritkoi • 20 Jul 2018, 1:19 PM

I can't believe I got a Cerberus on my second try and it has a star! Now if I can get a Threebot...

spiritkoi • 20 Jul 2018, 1:21 PM

Annd I got a Threebot! The cave is being nice for once!!

iris1929578 • 20 Jul 2018, 2:45 PM

*chants* THREEBOT! THREEBOT! Now back to roblox

umbregrl • 20 Jul 2018, 2:53 PM

Really love the cerberus!

lucas • 20 Jul 2018, 3:45 PM

Love all of the new critters! Awesome job & happy birthday, EC!

prairie • 20 Jul 2018, 4:36 PM

@orderedchaos, the sughar still isn't in the archives yet. Also, is "After 10 years, no big corporations here" suppost to be 9 years? :v 10 years is an exciting one, but don't think we've reached it yet. :L

icedmagma • 20 Jul 2018, 5:07 PM

Holy cow, I got both of them within my first 10 attempts! Yay!

valorie100 • 20 Jul 2018, 7:07 PM

Happy Birthday Egg Cave

jirachiwishmaker • 20 Jul 2018, 8:06 PM

Whoa, this month has been so awesome! I love that threebot it's so cute! Also that cerberus is amazing. And that sughar is so cool too!

fakeworld • 20 Jul 2018, 9:20 PM

Happy birthday Egg Cave I always say I'm going to write for a CDWC creature but never give it a shot lol.

shadowdragon28 • 20 Jul 2018, 11:01 PM

Happy Birthday, I actually got a two cerberus and one threebot for once. That's the first time it ever happened! Might be uft.

foxbit • 21 Jul 2018, 2:05 PM

Congrats on another year of awesomeness, Egg Cave! Also congrats to @jello and @spell. As for the 2018 creature, I'm so glad it's not a fish or an insect. I shall hoard it.

nanami • 21 Jul 2018, 3:56 PM

I love the Cerberus & the Threebot

saturna • 21 Jul 2018, 10:20 PM

Doggo~! I must have it! Also, next year Egg Cave will be 10 years old! Wow!

anabanana • 22 Jul 2018, 1:14 PM

Happy birthday EggCave! Keep up the awesome work for more decades to come! The new creatures are gorgeous, especially that Cerberus, probably among my favorites *_*

Orderedchaos • 22 Jul 2018, 3:28 PM

@prairie Sorry about the delay. The archives entry has been made viewable.

prairie • 22 Jul 2018, 3:53 PM

@Orderedchaos Thanks for the fix! Been looking forwards to seeing the description. xD

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