⊶ Prairie's Halloween 2020 Wiggit Raffle! Entrees CLOSED⊷

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thesharkdude • 9 October 2020 at 2:09 PM

@prairie I would like to enter
Mostly just decorating and spending time with family.
Thanks for hosting!

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raccoon • 9 October 2020 at 2:23 PM


Thank you for hosting!!!

We've participated in a trunk or treat for the last few years and we're going to continue with the tradition this year as well. We're going to be wearing masks this time though! We've found masks that fit the 'theme' we've gone with for our trunk, so the spirit isn't lost BUT we're also making sure to stop the spread!

Hand sanitizer will be available and I'm probably going to wear gloves when passing out candy.

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prairie • 9 October 2020 at 3:02 PM

@thesharkdude @raccoon

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emo_pattys • 1 week ago

@prairie Hello! I don't know if it's still open, but if I could, I'd love to enter too

Here in Brazil we sadly don't celebrate Halloween very much, and specially this year it's even more difficult...
But I personally think it's one of the coolest days of the year! For this year, my plan is beeing home with my sister and watch The Conjuring and Insidious. Can't wait!

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seoramen • 1 week ago

it might be closed but i'd love to enter as well! @prairie

i'm going to be watching halloween movies on netflix w my younger sis and eat candy!

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prairie • 1 week ago

@emo_pattys @seoramen

With only 26 entrees I'm going to extend to the 18th. Hopefully by then it'll be closer to half full. xD

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lothar • 1 week ago

I'd like to enter if it's still available!
I will spend more time staying with my family.Watching some horror movies?(I love them)And I may do shopping online to buy some sweets for my little sister(not too much,for the sake of her teeth XD)

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laylamocha • 1 week ago

@prairie Happy Halloween! For me, I would be drawing digital art and sending it to friends and family, well if I don't have the time, pictures stolen from Google would work too, I guess. XD


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dragiigy • 1 week ago

@prairie , have fun for HW

Superb idea. Plz, let me allow to participate in raffle.

Me and my rwo sisters and parents will make some HW carved pumpkins

@laylamocha , tnx to poke me

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loumina28 • 1 week ago

@prairie hellο! Can I enter the raffle? We don't really celebrate Halloween where I am, but I've been watching some spooky movies with my family these weekends and I've been playing some horror games with my brother, so that's my recommendation!

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

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dreamii • 1 week ago

@prairie Yay, a giveaway for a Wiggit! I'm a fan of those! In my inventory, I have a huge hoard of stuff for and based on Wiggits! Anyways, I don't really plan on being social or trick or treating, but IF (this is not gonna happen bc there's no good reason) I do have to go then I'm dressing up as a maid. Gloves, spray bottle, clorox wipes, disinfectant, bleach and the whole package. I kid you not. Anywho I plan on putting tiny pumpkins on the sides of the hallway, black and orange streamers lined on both sides of the hallway, changing the lights in my room from blue to orange (they line my window), baking those lil pumpkin and bat shaped sugar cookies, trying pumpkin pie again even though I hate it, carving a pumpkin, watch a scary movie, hang out with my best friend over the phone. That's my ideal Halloween. I can ALREADY SMELL THE NASTY SCENTED CANDLES MY MOM'S GONNA BURN! Don't you just love halloween?

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prairie • 1 week ago

@lothar @laylamocha @dragiigy @loumina28 @dreamii

All entered!

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theposiden649 • 1 week ago

@distorted I thought u no be able f=go egg

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distorted • 1 week ago

@theposiden649 I can go after school. Are you gonna join or what?

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golden_leaf • 1 week ago

@prairie I'll enter the raffle too! Thanks for the opportunity!

The best activity I can think of is cooking Halloween themed food or sweets with the whole family. You spend time with your relatives, celebrate Halloween and you get to eat delicious food

@distorted Thanks for pinging me!

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poe • 1 week ago

Almost forgot to enter! I'll be at work the whole day so I'm planning a fun costume to bring a little joy to whoever comes to the library. I'm torn between Jedi and fancy porcelain doll. We've got a lot of good safety measures so it will be good and safe. My sister and I are trying to coerce our parents into watching a nice scary movie after dinner. So nothing crazy here haha.

@bunnyshadow @pipkitten
I do not have many friends on here to ping and your the ones I can remember LOL

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pipkitten • 5 days ago

Last minute entry because I almost forgot to enter!
My social distancing Halloween will just be me hanging out at home, marathoning Goosebumps and watching a spooky movie or two. I'll also be carving the pumpkins I grew and setting them out on the porch for all to enjoy!

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bunnyshadow • 5 days ago

@prairie playing among us with the hombres

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chapus • 5 days ago

@prairie Ooooh thanks for doing this!! I'm not sure what I have planned for Halloween yet, but I think I'll be doing a video chat with some friends while wearing costumes! Sadly people don't come trick or treating on my street LOL we've had like two people in the past 10 years. xD

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prairie • 5 days ago

@golden_leaf @poe @pipkitten @bunnyshadow @chapus
All entered!

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kelpie • 5 days ago

May i join? For Halloween, we used to go trick or treating and we would put a zombie family in the front yard, a huge fake spider on the side and a few jack o lanterns here and there. We are still going to put the decorations for Halloween but for trick or treating, I’m going to be going to my grandparents house and me and my family are going have a huge dinner. Most of my relatives are currently in Europe but my grandparents started living here since Jan. ish and so a few aunts, uncles and cousins will be coming too!

I don’t know if you joined already but in case you didn’t:

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prairie • 5 days ago


And with that,
Entries are now CLOSED!