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26 Apr 2018
24 Dec 2018
10 Feb 2019
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Star Potion
This Crypto loves to make friends, so please write below your username and maybe a little message and lets see how many 'Friends' we can get for her Oh! She also loves gifts so feel free to add to her collection. She likes icecream, coffee, toys, and books the most, and her favorite color is blue
Make sure to put her back in TC when you're done!

@galaxyleopard Love You Roams! You Will Stay In My Heart Forevermore!

@thedarkarcher Well we started off together and now we part ways! Gl little crypto

@stevepat2002 sorry to take her again, I just wanted to freeze her .

@moonweaver/moon Meow! Adding some trisk plushies!

@wigglytuff Putting a few items on her! yeet, hope y'all had a great year and happy holidays!

@playermocha345 Gave her the name Meticulousness, which means.. go search google idiot. Please don't remove the name, if possible.. unless you have a better one. If you would like to put a freeze potion on her.. *grins evilly* Let her cuteness last forever! Oh yeah, one last thing before the end of this message.. immortalize her first. Have a nice day! ~Mocha

@icesparkle22 12/27/2018 thicccccc yeeeeeeeeettttt put on Savarab Flying Disk and Iced Cappuccino

@stevepat2002 #NWNG pledge. I enter all the giveaways but woe my luck be bad. I lose all the giveaways, another’s heart be glad. Put on Chasing The Rainbow (Cloveater Stage 4) and read How to Train Your Harpis

@wolfkit, I had her for a day? two? I honestly don't know. We had a great time together I think... I think she had fun... (I totally forgot about her to be honest.)

@jlya~ Aw, cute little Crypto. We had fun, didn't we? I'll miss you, and have fun on your way around Eggcave! Added a book and a toy to her collection.

07 jan 2019 @yts Love you little Meticulousness Hope to see you again

▪     ▪     ▪     ▪     ▪     ▪     ▪     ▪     ▪
01.09.2019 | @_black3333_ – hello small boi! added some items and food for you to play with c:

@valorie100 - You are the most adorable creature I've ever laid my eyes upon. I hope you have a wonderful and exciting journey!

Jan 14, 2019 - @marner - You've made it so far little crypto! So proud! Good luck in your future endeavours! Gave you some food for your journey. Good luck!

@Splashnose 17.01.19. I hope these toys take you far on your journey! They will make good friens for a good frien.

Apparently we are going down now. I thought it was up . Anyway this is the third time I’ve had her, but it seems her journey is coming to an end. No one is offering on the trade

@spiker125 Greetings from Belgium! I hope you enjoyed your visit with me!

@klauenwolf 05.02.19; Happy new chinese year little lucky coin. So focused on your rainbow? Did you even noticed the new red star rised upon your right side? (added star potion)

|@qerrats 2/5-7/19| I love you so much, Meti! I gave her some books, and a new travel, and a whole bunch of other things. I hope your journey goes on forever and ever, and that you may always be happy!

@stevepat2002 (again)
Y’all must be tired of seeing me. I took her to the candy store. (Travel “candy store”)

@playermocha345 ❀ ✿ Meti had a fun time playing and eating at my place. Now, off to the next spot! ✿❀

@stevepat2002. I gave meti a fresh new travel. SHE GOT SOME WINGS, LETS GOOOOOOOO. And gave her some ice cream. I leave with a nice poem.
Roses are red, violets are blue (oh-no)
Both are pretty, just like you.
Why... why did I right a V-Day poem that generic...


Taking her for a little bit and spoiling her! Ah, she's in good hands. Crypto..? Hey! Whoever gets her next finish my sentence! Roses are red.. Violets are...?

Roses are red.
Violets are (actually) violet

Anyway have her a V-Day travel


Happy 1st of May, sweet Meti! c: Always wanted to hang out with ya for a lil bit, now that I have the time, here we are! ( Thank ya for giving me the chance to, @stevepat2002! )

Today, we had a full Veggie Pizza with an Orange Ice Cream Sundae for dessert! We took some photos around Ark, and now Meti can save those memories in her Big Book of Photos!

@silvershadow [12-14.5.19]
been chilling here for a while and had much fun xD ate, slept, played like any lil crypto ^^
well now, this is where we now part ways friend, goodbye~ ♫
may we meet again one day ♫

@thedarkarcher hey Little buddy weve enjoyed some time together playing in the park and eating ice cream but we all know you perfer adventure so once again gl little crypto. see you soon

@stevepat2002 I took her to the Candy Corn Mountains! She loved it! And then we got ice cream.



July 13, 2019

Steve let me take Meti on a journey! First, I took her to the Ark Pools and we soaked up as much as we can before we went to go camping and saw the rare Blue Moon! We ended up wanting to stay for the night and ended up making the Warmest Nest to stay nice and comfy c: Apparently she had a dream about being on a Cosmic Moon Perch!
I also went to go buy her a few toys to like a Pareteorsite Water Blaster for the pool, a Yewefoh Balloon before we went camping, and we found her a Pet Asteroid!

Thanks for letting me take you, Meti!

Also, she started asking me to call her Roams apparently she heard it and liked it!
She explained to me that she heard it when someone told her that she roams around a lot....

Feel free to change it, just return the name please c:


[ 15|07|2019 ] @wild_wonders- found this cute gal roaming around all alone! A cheeky little one she is. But auntie wildy took her on some adventures to the zoo and bought her some pretty trinkets! To the next owner-don't take your eyes off her even for a second... Or *poof* she'll be gone. :0 Oh, look, there she goes again.


07/17/2019 @foxbit She went time/interdimensional traveling now! (changed travel into the Swirling Vortex trinket travel) Roaming through space and time can expose you to many dangers, but in her case, it was fun! She found and ate some ice cream, and got a postcard! (fed her two ice creams and read her a Cosmic Postcard). She also found some miscellaneous toys in the vortex (played around with some Asteroid event toys). Perhaps, if you have a time machine, you can find her?
P.S. Thank you for hanging around, Roams! It's been an honor


@_piano_pokemon_ we just met today on july17 i didn't realize this lil girl has traveled so much till now i was just looking for a first stage crypto i wonder where your adventures will take you next
@stevepat2002 again... hi... that's all I have...


@foxbit - 07/26/2019 - Hi! I have her again, might stay for a while with me. Changed her travel.
Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Crypto ROAMS. Her continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no Crypto has gone before!




July 29, 2019

We made it to 100 items guys!
Sent Roam so many places I can't even remember! xD
I just remember we celebrated with cake!


@iia 7.31.19 - Here you go cute little crypto! A mint doughnut should get you to the next cove you visit. You’ll need it! You’ve traveled so far!

I almost forget to write down when I take her XD. I just giver her a few items. @stevepat2002 8.03.19

✿ @espoir // 8/24/19 // I found this little cutie in the TC, Just waiting to be found! I took her on a walk through a nice autumn grove, And she became amazing friends with the rest of my creatures! Callea really likes her and doesn't want her to go to a new cove. I spoiled her to compensate. Hopefully we meet again! Good luck lucky penny! ✿

Callea was here UwU!
~ Signed, Callea, Espoir's muffette.

⋆☽・* ˚✧・༓・* ˚⋆☾⋆ ⋆ ✧ ⋆ @Opal_Dreams 26 | 08 | 19 ⋆ ✧ ⋆ ⋆☽・* ˚✧・༓・* ˚⋆☾⋆

Loved having baby crypto with me for the past few days!! had heaps of fun and got into a food coma ~ have fun on your journey wherever you go next! See you again cutie xx

Love, @Opals & @Opal_Dreams Xo

⋆☽・* ˚✧・༓・* ˚⋆☾⋆ ⋆ ✧ ⋆⋆☽・* ˚✧・༓・* ˚⋆☾⋆ ⋆ ✧ ⋆⋆☽・* ˚✧・༓・* ˚⋆☾⋆ ⋆ ✧ ⋆⋆☽・* ˚✧・༓・* ˚⋆☾⋆ ⋆ ✧ ⋆⋆☽・* ˚✧・༓・* ˚

She roamed into my cove on August 30 2019! First time for us to meet! We had so much fun together. And when I had to take a short break - I left her in charge! She kept everyone in my cove amused until my return.

Great to meet you, baby Crypto! Hope you have fun on your travels.
Best wishes, @peppermintcowboy

@wererage was here (September 23, year 2019)
I showed little Roams around my domains. She was very happy when I got her some ice cream, she seems to love the strawberry favour! She showed me how she can perfectly fit in a magical stone table, too! (:

(っ◔◡◔)っ owner signature ~TᗩᗰOᗰO~ (Sept 25 2019)

This little Crypto just popped up when i was busy xD But here we go... Hello Roams, nice to meet you! I saw you some time ago in the TC but i hadn't chance to let you see my cove! Enjoy your stay! P.S. I let you ma signature so you can find me when you leave~ Gave her books and toys c: @tamomo

We traveled to a clock tower where she climbed up into it and acted like a click hehe. @stevepat2002

@limitless - Hi there! Just wanted to say hi and update this with my new username Safe travels!

@applegranny Roams came to me on the first day of the Halloween Fair, so I took her to play some games. We both LOVE coffee, so I added some Halloween coffee cups to her items and gave her a Kinump Patch travel to remember the day! She's all tired out and resting now!

She hopped along to my cove while I was out feeding some creatures! Came back and she'd raided the fridge but only took the blue stuff! (had to restock on some tentapops) Took her to the fair and we had a little snoop around. Roams was like a little good luck charm, especially with the seed toss! We had a lovely little chat by the fire with some hot chocolate afterwards. (she somehow managed to get mine too)
Good luck on you journeys little crypto!



October 11, 2019

Roams and I went to shop for costumes and she found a Witch Hat that she liked!
Then, we got some snacks like Gummy Gems and Ice cream!
We ended up stopping by the store and got a Garast Plushie which Roams really loved since it's Halloween. After purchasing the Garast, we looked inside our bag and shockingly found another doll with the Garast. It looked very ragdoll like but it had a lot of pins in it.... Kinda reminded me of a creature.... I was going to return it but it was holding the Garast Doll like if they were friends! Roams refused to let them be separated so we kept both. Ever since then, though, I keep getting this weird feeling that something not quite right with that doll.. I hope everything will be fine....

We made it to 150 items!


@bockbock 10.17.19 Roams is such a cute Crypto. I took her shopping and picked some items she seemed to like and gave her some ice cream.

@chapus 10.20.19 Welcome to my cove little one! uvu Since Halloween is approaching, I let her read three Wiggit Adventure books! She really liked them and it reminded her of her own journey across Egg Cave and through numerous coves! We got some spooky Halloween-themed ice cream. She wasn't too much of a fan of the ghost ice cream, but she really liked the Halloween Ice Cream Cup! We came back to play with some blue-colored stuff! c: I even gave her a rare retired Blueberry Frosted Sprinkled Donut.

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Resembling that of a computer processing chip, this so-called egg easily reaches a peak of 70°C while undergoing intense computations. It also makes for an efficient, albeit unconventional, space heater according to several Crypto enthusiasts.

About the Crypto Creature

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The Crypto possesses an incredibly complex artificial intelligence that is continuously learning, allowing the creature to instantly adapt and revise its methods while monitoring the market. While the advice supplied by a Crypto is seen to have a high success rate in regards to cryptocurrencies, it notoriously lacks confidence in fields outside of business. Suggestions given out by a Crypto which pertains to anything unrelated to money should generally be ignored.