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From: @Cami

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I'm not updating this as much anymore, since I haven't talked to some in a while and I've met a ton of new people please don't feel offended if you're not on here.

Best/Nicest people below:

You've been a great friend since I was 2 RL bestie

Remember in Kindergarten? That was so fun RL bestie

My forever sister Younger sister

Keep doing the thing you do Met on Egg Cave

Tamais, my favorite Tasma Met on Egg Cave

PokePals (Wiggly and Toto ) Met on Egg Cave

I CANNOT believe I met someone as nice as you are! Met on Egg Cave

Oh mY gOd you are so considerate and generous and I’m sure everyone can agree with that you always drop a comment on my wall asking how I am and believe it or not it really makes me feel happy Met on Egg Cave

Not only are you super generous but you’re really nice and great to talk to you’ve made my day many times and you’ve done countless things for others as well really glad I met you!

You're super fun and cool to talk with! I've just recently gotten to know you better and you're super chill

I'm sure that there's a load more, and here are some (hopefully most) of them (everyone on this list and all my friends in general are all great! I just felt like adding the names on top because I'm too lazy to do the rest oof) These people have just been super nice to me and the community in general, whether you know me or not:
@songbird @cala @immortalraven @teddybearlover @bribri1114845 @ufo @brad @quetzalcoatl @wild_wonders @nine @prairie @panda9983 @sundae @skyfall4
@rosewolf09 @lucas @stevepat2002 @icedragon01 @degong @delicate @jello(ANOTHER PERSON WHO QUIT???!!!) @audrey(Quit!) @dragon_collector @jlya @crown @musical_slytherclaw @yts [@lazyanon, @wolfspike23 and @icecloud101, roleplay buddies and very nice in general too!] @yoghurt @idol
If I forgot you then just tell me

About Roza Eggs

The fragrant smell of flowers and roses fills your noses when coming near this egg. It smells heavenly, like a present you would give to someone you really love or like. Plus it is a pretty pink color, possibly because of the roses surrounding it having colored the creature inside.

About the Roza Creature

The Roza are a traditional gift among Arkians during the month of February. The smell of roses coming off of them is very alluring, which also helps attract people to them. Normally they are decoration until the month is over, then the owners of a Roza will let them go and do what they like. Some people have accidentally mistaken them for rose bushes! These creatures are very lovable and seek attention almost twenty-four/seven. Once you have one, you have it for life. As the Roza grows up, the buds of the roses blooms until fully grown, where they do not ever die. So hopefully you like the smell of flowers cause it will be in your cove forever!