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The Archives

What are The Archives?

The Archives contain information about each species discovered in the world of Ark including things like evolution points, descriptions, and how to obtain them.

How do I know when my creature will evolve?

Between the original indigenous tribes of Ark and the Science and Research Center in Ark City, the evolution points for most species have been determined.

To know when a particular species will evolve, find and read the species' entry in The Archives. If there is no evolution data available, it's because the species is still being actively researched by the Science and Research Center.

What does it mean when a species is "endangered?"

An endangered species is a Cave species that can no longer be found in the Cave. Species can become endangered due to natural and human causes.

On certain Archive entries, species were available on a certain date or for an event. What does that mean?

Egg Cave holds frequent holiday celebrations and site events where limited edition species are discovered. To obtain one of these kinds of creatures for yourself, be around Egg Cave for holidays and site events!

What are limited edition (LE) species? How do I get one?

A limited edition species is a species that was only available during a certain time period (i.e. holiday) or site event (like a puzzle or plot). Cash Shop Monthly species are also considered limited edition.

What does it mean when a creature is completely retired or extinct?

Retired or extinct creatures are no longer available anywhere (either the Cave, Cash Shop, events, etc). These definitions normally overlap with being a "limited edition species."

Even if a species is retired or extinct, you can normally still trade for them.

Are holiday, event, or limited edition species ever released again?

In most cases, no.

What are seasonal species?

Seasonal species are available for a limited time period but become available again the following year.

What is the "Population Rank" ranking? How is it calculated?

Species are ranked from commonest to rarest. Commoner species have a higher rank on the Population Rank. The rarest species rank the lowest on the Population Rank.

Why do species only need an increase in one type of stat (views, clicks, feeds) to evolve?

The stat that must increase for evolution is determined by the general personality and characteristics of each species. Some species particularly enjoy building physical strength and endurance, thus the evolution stat would be feeds. Other species are more social and like large groups so their evolution stat is views. Lastly, some species have a strong desire to feel worthy and significant and like being clicked.

That's the general rule of thumb, although it varies slightly from species to species.

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