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Trade Center

What is the Trade Center? Where is it located?

The Trade Center is where Ark citizens can trade their creatures and items. It is located in the northeast part of Ark City behind the Town Hall and Adoption Center.

How many creatures and items can I trade at a time? How many can I offer?

Each trade lot can contain a combination of up to 20 creatures and items.

Not all of my creatures are being shown on the "Create Trade" page!

That is because your creature is either in one of your other lots or you've offered it on another lot. Each creature can only be in one lot at a time. To see the reason why a particular creature of yours is considered "locked," see the Locked Creatures page.

What's up with this maximum Cove space message? What does it mean?

Each user on Egg Cave starts out with 500 Cove spaces. You can purchase more spaces to expand your Cove's size. You cannot create an offer or accept an offer that would violate this rule.

Do Travels transfer with creatures that are traded?


What happens if the creature I am trading currently has services booked at Tim's Food Shoppe?

The services will continue and be transferred to the new owner of your creature.

Can creatures die if they are being traded?

Yes. If they die, they will simply be removed from your trade lot or offer automatically. It is important to feed all of your creatures daily!

As of Egg Cave version 3, creatures that are in the process of being traded cannot die.

Can I trade for CaveCash in the Trade Center?

Yes but only in the form of CaveCash Voucher items that are located in either the lot or offer. A CaveCash Voucher represents a specific amount of CaveCash that is redeemable in the Cash Shop Park.

How long can my trade be up?

Thirty days. If you do not accept any offers within 30 days, your trade will be automatically closed and removed from the Trade Center.

Help! I traded one of my creatures away to somebody else and they promised to give it back to me but didn't! How can I get my creature back?

There is no way for us to return your creature to you. Once a creature is transferred away from your account, it is no longer under your control.

How can I keep myself safe from getting scammed at the Trade Center?

Please read the Trading Safety page for a list of common trading scams.

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