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Welcome to Egg Cave's Help & FAQ section! This serves as a great player's guide for both beginners and long-time Egg Cavers alike. Please select a category below to read more.

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Site Staff

Who is @eggcaveteam?

@eggcaveteam is the official account used by site staff to monitor Egg Cave.

How do I know when somebody is staff?

All staff are indicated by the shield () next to their username.

Who are moderators?

Moderators monitor Egg Cave content and enforce our site guidelines. They are indicated by the shield () next to the username. Moderators have the ability to issue warnings, suspensions, account deletions, and permanent bans. Moderators, however, do not have the ability to fix bugs or glitches.

How can I become a site moderator?

You have to apply by submitting a moderator application. Moderator applications are opened occasionally, not regularly.

What is a warning?

Warnings are an official message from a moderator that you've broken one of our site guidelines. Repeating similar offenses after receiving a warning will result in progressively more severe action.

Who are programmers or developers?

Programmers and developers are responsible for fixing glitches and developing the game.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, please post in the Help & Questions forum. Having account issues? Don't hesitate to Contact Us.