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Transfer Requests

What are Transfer Requests?

Transfer Requests are a new feature in Egg Cave version 3 that allow you to send creatures from one account to another without having to use the Trade Center.

Why would I not want to use the Trade Center?

Transfer Requests do not require an exchange; it's a one-way transfer from one account to another. The Trade Center always requires at least one creature or item on both sides being exchanged.

Transfer Requests eliminate the need for "junk eggs."

Where are Transfer Requests?

Find Transfer Requests under the submenu on Your Cove.

Can I add Inventory items to Transfer Requests?

No. At this time, Transfer Requests are only for creatures. To send items from one account to another, use the Send Item to Friend feature in your Inventory.

What are Incoming Transfers?

These are transfer requests initiated to arrive on your account. You have the option of accepting or rejecting the request.

What are Outgoing Transfers?

These are transfer requests that you've initiated from your account to arrive to somebody else's account. They are transfers that are awaiting to be accepted.

Help! One of my creatures isn't showing up when I attempt to create a new Transfer Request! Where is it?

If a creature of yours isn't appearing, that's because the creature is locked. For more information as to why a creature is locked and what locked creatures are, visit Locked Creatures.

I need to securely trade something. Would I use Transfer Requests for this?

No. Transfer Requests are one way transfers of creatures from one account to another. For secure transactional trading, use the Trade Center.

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