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Welcome to Egg Cave's Help & FAQ section! This serves as a great player's guide for both beginners and long-time Egg Cavers alike. Please select a category below to read more.

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Your Cove & Lists

What is my Cove?

Your Cove is where all of your adopted creatures reside.

What can I do in my Cove?

Your Cove shows stats for all of your creatures. You can also get the code for each of your creatures in your Cove, manage your creatures' travels, and more.

What are the numbers displayed in blue to the right of creature stats?

Those are today's stats, as in the number of views, clicks, and feeds that that creature has gained today since 12 AM ECT.

How do I get the code for my creatures? What do I do with the code for my creatures?

Your individual creature codes can be found at Your Cove and then by clicking the icon for the respective creature. Read the instructions on that page to determine which code is appropriate for you. This code can be put on your website, forum signature, or profile on another website to gain views, clicks, and feeds! Remember to feed your creatures daily, otherwise they could die!

To copy and paste your code, first click once in the appropriate text box, then press CTRL (CMD) and A at the same time. This highlights everything. Then, press CTRL (CMD) and C to copy the code to your computer's clipboard. Finally, put your cursor in the text box on the destination website and press CTRL (CMD) and V to paste the code. Viola!

What is the maximum amount of creatures I can have in my Cove?

Each user starts out with 500 Cove spaces. You can purchase more to expand your Cove's size.

What are "locked creatures?"

The Locked Creatures page in your Cove shows you which of your creatures are currently in a currency-related transaction like a trade or auction. When a creature is locked, another currency-related action cannot be performed on it (i.e. a creature in an auction cannot be offered on a trade at the same time).

Find the reasons why your creatures are locked on this page.

What's EasyCode?

EasyCode is the easy way to generate batches of HTML or BBCode for your creatures and Cove Lists.

What are Cove Lists?

Cove Lists are a way to organize your Cove on your public profile. You can create up to 5 separate lists and place whichever creatures you'd like on each list. People find this feature useful when their Cove starts to get bigger.

Potential uses: "please feed" list, "favorites" list, group by species, group by star creatures, etc.

Still Have Questions?

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