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Answers for Parents

What is Egg Cave about?

We're about fun for kids and peace of mind for our parents.

Egg Cave is an online game where players can adopt fun creatures from the magical Egg Cave. Players can then take care of their creatures and watch them level up and evolve.

How does Egg Cave keep my child safe?

Egg Cave allows its players to chat and explore in a well-moderated environment. Our moderators are online 24/7/365. Our moderators monitor site content at all times.

At Egg Cave, we do not allow players to disclose personally identifiable information such as full name or mailing address.

What will my child learn from Egg Cave?

Egg Cave teaches valuable skills:

  • Problem-solving skills when completing our fun puzzles and games
  • Bartering skills when negotiating in the Trade Center
  • Reading skills when reading about the exciting creatures and stories of Egg Cave
  • Responsibility when caring for/feeding their creatures
  • Budgeting skills when managing their Egg Coins (the site's currency) and bank account

My child wishes to buy something from the "Cash Shop Park" or get "CaveCash." What does this mean?

The Cash Shop Park is a store on Egg Cave where players can purchase limited edition and exclusive creatures and items. CaveCash is the primary currency used in the Cash Shop Park.

CaveCash is available for purchase. To purchase CaveCash, go to the Buy CaveCash page and select the amount of CaveCash you'd like. You can pay securely by credit card or use PayPal.

Still Have Questions?

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