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Travels & Backgrounds

What are those cool backgrounds certain creatures have?

They are called Travels. You can purchase a Travel for any one of your creatures at the Travel Agency or Trinket Travels.

Not that many Travels are available in the shop!

That's ok. The Travel Agency and the other shops restock about every 10 to 15 minutes.

How can I remove a Travel from my creature?

You can do that! Go to Your Cove and then click the manage travel icon .

If I "bring home" a creature will I get the Travel back so I can use it on another one of my creatures?

No. Travels can only be used once. However, Cash Shop Travels are indeed multiple-use and will be returned to your Inventory.

What are "trinket" Travels?

Trinket Travels are travels that often contain an object or accessory that can enhance your creature with things like additional wings and more.

Help! I just applied a Travel to one of my creatures and it is not showing up!

If you applied the Travel and received a success message, the Travel has been applied. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing on your creature's profile (sometimes it takes multiple refreshes). This happens occassionally due to how the Egg Cave creature cache system works; rest assured that it is not a bug, nor have you lost your Travel. Keep refreshing and you will see it.

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