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Eggs & Creatures

How do I adopt a creature?

Click the "Explore" dropdown and then click "Adopt a Creature." You adopt creatures from the Cave.

What are eggs? What can I do with my eggs?

Eggs are small creatures that you can adopt from Egg Cave and put them on your website, forum signature, or profile on another website to gain views, clicks, and feeds. From there, you can watch it hatch, level up, and evolve into a more powerful creature.

How do I get the code for my creatures? What do I do with the code for my creatures?

Your individual creature codes can be found at Your Cove and then by clicking the icon for the respective creature. Read the instructions on that page to determine which code is appropriate for you. This code can be put on your website, forum signature, or profile on another website to gain views, clicks, and feeds! Remember to feed your creatures daily, otherwise they could die!

To copy and paste your code, first click once in the appropriate text box, then press CTRL (CMD) and A at the same time. This highlights everything. Then, press CTRL (CMD) and C to copy the code to your computer's clipboard. Finally, put your cursor in the text box on the destination website and press CTRL (CMD) and V to paste the code. Viola!

What is my creature's ID number?

Each creature has a unique number that it's identified by. You do not need creature IDs to play Egg Cave. But if you're curious, here's how to find the ID of a particular creature:

  • Go to the respective creature's public profile
  • Look at the URL of the profile (i.e.
  • The number at the end of the URL is the creature's ID:
  • The creature ID is 670750

How do I make my creatures happy?

Creatures gain happiness when you feed your creatures, when others feed your creatures, and when you use items (i.e. food, toys, and books) with your creatures.

How fast does creature happiness decrease?

Creature happiness falls by between 1 and 3 percentage points every 4 to 5 hours.

Can my creature die? What causes it to die?

Yes, non-immortal creatures with 10 happiness or less can die if they are not fed. Be sure to feed your creatures daily; if you'll be away, tell your friends to feed them or put them under the care of Tim's Food Shoppe!

Creatures that are Level 20 and greater are considered "mature" and can gather food for themselves. They cannot and will not die (regardless of happiness).

My creature is not evolving! Help!

Sometimes your browser will continue to display an older, cached image of your creature. If you're seeing a creature of yours at an incorrect stage, clear your browser's cache.

For instructions on how to clear your browser's cache, please click here.

What is the star icon () I see on certain creatures?

Star creatures are extremely rare and receive a daily stats boost for their evolution stat, in addition to slowed hunger (of up to a 1/3 slower). You can receive Star creatures from the Cave randomly (this is rare) or use the Star Potion in the Cash Shop Park on your creature.

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