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What are quests?

You can complete quests to receive Quest Tokens and other items. You can then use your Quest Tokens to obtain rare creatures from the The VEND Machine.

How long do I have to complete a single quest?

You can take up to 12 hours to complete a single quest. After that, it counts as a failure.

What if I cannot obtain the items required for the quest?

You can attempt to shop or trade for the items up until the very end of the quest deadline. Alternatively, you can give up and cancel your quest early. If you cancel a quest early, it counts as a failure on your record.

What happens if I fail a quest?

It counts as a failure on your quest record. You must wait 1 hour before you can begin another quest with that NPC.

What happens if I succeed in a quest?

You will receive 1 Quest Token for that quest type and an item of similar rarity or value to what you returned to the NPC. When you succeed in a quest, you only have to wait 5 minutes before beginning your next quest.

Do quests ask for Cash Shop items?

No. Quests do not ask for Cash Shop items.

Do quests ask for retired items (i.e. items that no longer restock in the main shops or are from previous site events)?

No. Quests do not ask for retired items.

What is The VEND Machine?

The VEND Machine is an acronym that stands for Valuable Eggs Needing Distribution. There, you can deposit your Quest Tokens in exchange for rare creatures.

What are VEND Machine reward pools?

VEND Machine reward pools are groups of creatures, created by site staff, that you can obtain using your Quest Tokens. When redeeming a reward pool, you will only receive one creature from the pool at random (not all of them).

I want one of the VEND Machine reward pools! How can I redeem one?

Continue questing and save your Quest Tokens over time!

How often do the VEND Machine reward pools change?

The VEND Machine reward pools can change or expire at any time without notice. When one expires, other new ones will be created. They change and are shuffled at random.

What happens if I am in the top 50 questers at the end of the month?

The top 50 questers compete on the Monthly: Quests leaderboard every month. This leaderboard, like the others, resets on the 1st of every month. If you place in the top 50 at the turn of the next month, you will receive a 25,000 EC reward.

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