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Linking Main & Side Accounts

What are main and side accounts?

Each person is entitled to 1 main account and 3 side accounts on Egg Cave per the Site Guidelines. Each person may visit and complete daily activities from their main account only. Side accounts should be used for exactly that: side storage.

How can I declare and verify my account as a main account?

You can declare and verify both your main and side accounts from Preferences and then visiting Main & Side Accounts. Enter your mobile phone number to declare and verify your account as a main account.

How can I declare and verify my side accounts?

After declaring and verifying a main account, you can enter the username, email, and password credentials of your side accounts directly on the page. A main account can "claim" a side account. You can claim a maximum of 3 side accounts from a main account.

What if my mobile phone number isn't working or I'm not receiving a text message to verify my main account?

Please Submit a Ticket and you can text with a live human being from Team Egg Cave to verify your phone number.

Why do you verify main accounts via SMS?

Email and IP address spoofing is relatively easy to do. Asking you to verify your main account via SMS is a way of ensuring that it's really you and that you're really a human (and not a bot).

Is verifying my identity via SMS required to play Egg Cave?

No, you do not have to verify your identity via SMS to continue playing Egg Cave. Egg Cave is free to play, without a phone number. Certain Egg Cave features that may be big targets for abuse and fraud may require identity verification via SMS to access.

What happens if I do not declare my main account and side accounts?

If you do not specify which accounts of yours are main and side accounts, your main and side accounts may be subject to longer suspensions or may be removed from the site completely, with less leniency from the moderating team, if there is suspicious activity on any of your accounts.

What will you use my phone number for?

Your phone number will not be used for marketing messages at Egg Cave. Absolutely no spam! It is used for identity verification purposes only and is never given or sold.

I'd like to change my main from a side, or switch my main to another account? How do I "unlink" my current main account?

Visit Main & Side Accounts to do that and click Change or remove? Note that you can only change your phone number every 120 days to prevent abuse and fraud. So if you're going to a burner phone number... don't.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, please post in the Help & Questions forum. Having account issues? Don't hesitate to Contact Us.