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Cash Shop Park Questions

What is the Cash Shop Park?

The Cash Shop Park is an Egg Cave store where you can buy limited-edition creatures and exclusive items with the CaveCash currency.

What is CaveCash?

CaveCash is an Egg Cave game currency that can be purchased in the Cash Shop Park.

How do I get CaveCash?

To get CaveCash, go to the Buy CaveCash page and select the amount of CaveCash you'd like to purchase. You can pay by credit card on the site or pay through PayPal.

Why is my order status "Pending"?

This occurs when you specify a non-instant form of payment at the checkout, such as an eCheck or bank transfer. Your order status will be updated when the payment clears. CaveCash is delivered upon the payment clearing.

What are "Cash Shop Monthlies?"

We release new creatures in the Cash Shop every month that are available for one month only. After that, they retire. Thus, these creatures are referred to as "monthlies."

What are "Cash Shop Travels?"

Cash Shop Travels, unliked regular Travels purchased from the Egg Cave public shops, are multiple use and can be purchased from the Cash Shop Park.

I purchased CaveCash and it hasn't been added to my account! Where is it?

In virtually all cases, payments are completed instantly and CaveCash is immediately delivered to your account. However, if you pay with a non-instant form of payment at the checkout (like an eCheck or bank transfer) your order status will be Pending until the payment clears. Your CaveCash will be delivered to your account when the payment clears. You can check your order status here.

If you believe something has gone wrong with your order or payment, please Contact Us with your transaction ID(s).

My prepaid debit card does not work! I can't get my CaveCash!

In order to use a prepaid debit card to purchase CaveCash, please activate it online before your purchase. After activation, the card will clear.

Do you issue Cash Shop Park refunds?

No. All Cash Shop Park sales are final.

Why does CaveCash require real-life money?

At Egg Cave, we pride ourselves on providing a fantastic social gaming experience. In recent days, we've found that a lot of web sites have been completely overtaken by intrusive advertisements. To keep Egg Cave awesome, we created the Cash Shop Park as a fun alternative to support Egg Cave (as opposed to welcoming third-party advertisers to invade the site).

Cash Shop Park supporters get to enjoy limited-edition creatures and items; non-supporters get to enjoy an uncluttered and simple Egg Cave. Everybody wins.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, please post in the Help & Questions forum. Having account issues? Don't hesitate to Contact Us.