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What are auctions?

Auctions are where you can list your creatures and items for auction. You can specify an auction duration, starting bid, and bid increment.

How often are creature auction processed?

Once an auction closes, it's processed within 10 minutes.

Can I bid on my own auction?

No. Once your creature is listed for auction, it's available to the public for bidding.

Can I cancel my auction early?

Yes, if there are no bids on your auction. If there are already bids on your auction, the auction cannot be cancelled and must run its course.

Can I retract a bid?

No. All bids are final.

I can't place a bid on an auction.

You must have available Cove spaces to bid on creatures. You can purchase more spaces to expand your Cove's size.

How does the bidding system work?

Your highest bid is held in escrow. For example, if you've bid a total of three times in an auction for the amounts 100 EC, 200 EC, and 300 EC, your highest bid of 300 EC is held in escrow.

When do I get my creature auction escrow back?

If you're not the winner, your total escrow is returned to you upon completion of the auction when it is processed. If you're the winner, your highest bid will be transferred to the creature owner.

What happens if I bid on a creature that dies while it's in auction?

The total escrow is returned to your account in full.

As of Egg Cave version 3, creatures that are in the process of being auctioned cannot die.

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