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Item Collections

What are item collections?

Item collections are a list of every item that your creature has ever used. View individual creature collections by clicking Items Collected on their creature profile.

How do I add an item to my creature's item collection?

Simply use the item that's located in your Inventory. Your item collection will be automatically updated upon using the item.

Can I add items that I've never owned or used to an item collection?

No. You must have purchased an item and used it in order for it to be added to your collection.

What is the "r" letter followed by the number in item collections?

This is the rarity of the item (1-100, with 99 being the most rare and 100 being unobtainable). Higher rarity items restock less and are more difficult to obtain and cost more.

Rarity 100 items never restock in the public shops.

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