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Increasing Stats

When are my creature statistics updated?

In the past, Egg Cave used to update creature stats once per day. Now, all creature stats are live and display in real time.

What are views? How do I get more of them?

A creature receives one view when any person on the Internet loads and sees the creature. To receive views quicker, put your creature in different places around the Internet like forum signatures, Facebook, and Twitter.

I refreshed on my creature several times in a day but it only increased my views by a small amount! My view count must be incorrect. Why?

All views are calculated as unique views. This means that we update your views based on the number of different people that view your creature per day and add that number to your current view total. Your views are not calculated on the number of times you refresh but by how many different people view and see your creature. The more places you put your creatures on the web, the faster they'll evolve!

What are clicks? How do I get more of them?

Each Egg Cave creature has its own unique click link. This click link is contained within the code you receive from Your Cove. When a user clicks to your creature through this click link, your creature's click stat will increase by one.

I clicked through my creature's click link several times in a day but my click count hasn't gone up that much!

Like views, clicks are calculated as unique clicks, which is the number of different people that click through the click link.

What are feeds? How do I get more of them?

You can feed any creature on their profile by clicking the "Feed Creature" button. You can feed your own creatures and others too. Each user can feed a creature once per day.

In addition to posting creatures in different places on the Internet, a lot of users will make friends on Egg Cave and feed each other's creatures each day. Try visiting some other users' profiles and making friends!

I've heard about "feed backs." What are they and how do they work?

Let's say user A fed user B's creatures. It would be a common courtesy for user B to "feed back" all of user's A creatures as a friendly gesture. This is a "feed back." Feed backs are a very easy way to make friends on Egg Cave and help increase feed stats quicker.

What are creature levels?

A creature's level is the average of its view, click, and feed stats.

How are creature levels increased?

A creature's level increases as the creature's stats increase.

What purpose do creature levels serve?

Creatures Level 20 and beyond are considered adults and cannot die from hunger or sadness. Level 20 and above are commonly referred to as "immortal."

Help! Feeding isn't working! I can't feed my creatures! I don't receive EC for feeds or my feed count doesn't increase.

Please ensure that Javascript is enabled on your Internet browser. If Javascript is disabled, you will be unable to feed your creatures. If that fails, try clearing your browser's cache and restarting your Internet browser.

We recommend using a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to ensure the best browsing experience.

What are the numbers displayed in blue to the right of creature stats?

Those are today's stats, as in the number of views, clicks, and feeds that that creature has gained today since 12 AM ECT.

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