Birthday Giveaway

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budgie • 1 week ago

@cho Happy birthday

@skyfall4 Thank you for helping me get back into the swing of this game when I came back from a big hiatus

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moonweaver • 1 week ago


Hapoy birthday!


(I'd ping more but they already pinged me)

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cho • 1 week ago

@skyfall4 you're welcome

@budgie @moonweaver Thank you

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chapus2009 • 1 week ago

@cho oOH thanks for this raffle!! uvu

One person I'm still thankful for to this day @pebblestar-nightclan. Idk if you will see this as I know you're not as active here anymore, but know that I'm still so very glad I got to meet you on Egg Cave over 7 years ago. You mean a lot to me, from the characters we created together to the fact that I can trust you so very much. Love you pal! :heart:

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skyfall4 • 1 week ago

Hold on I’m actually so stupid I totally forgot it was a RAFFLE and you offer AFTER lmaoooo sorry bout that xD

@budgie awww No problem I’m glad I helped!

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budgie • 1 week ago

@cho Oh oops, I also forgot it was a raffle and you offer after

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raindrops • 1 week ago

@arcana U r so darn sweet! Ty for the nice words & back at u too for being so kind & caring! Sry this mess is a bit late but I just got back on for a few minutes here.

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cloudslay3r • 1 week ago


Hosting this giveaway is very kind of you! Happy early birthday


Thanks for the ping! Can't wait to see you in September


It's been ages and I'm very glad to hear from you again! I'm very grateful to have you to chat with, and even more grateful that I have met you


I know we haven't really talked much but, it's really fun talking to you!

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miu_angel • 1 week ago


Happy early birthday


I agree it has been ages! I'm very grateful to have met you. You always know how to brighten the mood and you're a fun person to talk with *even though I'm an awkward bean most the time hah.* hopefully I can get to know you better than I do now because I believe you'd make an amazing friend. I also wanna thank you for all of your help and support in the last few years


Thank you for putting up with me *and actually just recently joining Egg Cave*


Thank you for helping me a lot in the beginning when I didn't really know what to do. I know we don't really talk much and hopefully that can be changed.


Thank you so much for all of your help with not only on Egg Cave but also irl.

Thank yall!

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titus19 • 1 week ago

@miu_angel thank you for dealing with me right back, thank you so much for everything and thank you for showing me such an addictive game

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ifi123 • 1 week ago


Happy early birthday! Thank you for doing this!

@cloudslay3r Thank you for pinging me! We've only been chatting for a little while you you already seem sweet

@skyfall4 and @bingo have been a pretty big part of my EggCave experience. I’m thankful to have people to talk to in a sometimes lonely world.

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cho • 6 days ago

@chapus2009 @miu_angel @cloudslay3r @ifi123 thank you & you're welcome

@skyfall4 @budgie no worries

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yts • 6 days ago

thank you for this giveaway and happy bday!

I would like to thank @sad-ny and @pheonia for being so nice with me
also I'd like to say thank you to @megamisama for a precious gift she just made to me

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spiker125 • 6 days ago

Happy early birthday @cho!! I hope you get to eat lots and lots of sweets c:
I haven't made many friends recently, but I am thankful for @umbris even though they don't get on anymore, they once looked after some of my creatures when I took a super long break from this site. I was gone for 2 years and they kept my creatures alive and safe

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cho • 6 days ago

@yts @spiker125 thank you and you're welcome! I hope I get lots of cake this year haha!

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jlya • 6 days ago

Thank you for doing this giveaway for your birthday! That's so generous of you. Happy early birthday.

@prairie (thanks for the ping) Love you, girl. Thankful for the talks when we get a chance.
@stevepat2002 (thanks for the ping) For your constant generosity, and for being your humorous/weird/fun self.
@thedarkarcher for being such a dear in general Love our talks and friendship.
@moonweaver, @lazyanon, @iris1929578, and @icecloud101 for being my zookeeper buddies
and why not @ian for making this site
you guys.

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stevepat2002 • 6 days ago

@jlya you can just put weird . No need for all the work up XD.

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jlya • 6 days ago

@stevepat2002 Too bad xD
I totally forgot!
@skyfall4, for being your wonderful self. Love talking to you, and you always bring a smile to my face.

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cho • 6 days ago

@jlya thank you you're very welcome!

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xxcouchxx • 6 days ago

@cho Thank you

@agony Gifted me a Grimalkin and I love cats, it was such a surprise

@stevepat2002 I'm glad you are always online like me to feed, trade and talk XD

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cho • 6 days ago

@xxcouchxx youre very welcome

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preciousgems • 5 days ago

@cho thank you!
@dragrawr I’m glad that whenever both of us are online we would chat

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iris1929578 • 5 days ago

@cho your birthday is 13 days after mine

okay, first i'll thank everyone on egg cave for being such a kind community. it's so welcoming and you can basically treat everyone as family.

i also want to thank, like jlya did, the zookeepers, where when i'm bored, i can always talk to them, even if we never really talk about anything: @stevepat2002, @jlya, @icecloud101, @moonweaver, @lazyanon

i'll thankk @icesparkle22 and @wigglytuff for being friends with me, and although i don't live in that area anymore, i still enjoyed when i talked to you about usually nothing at all.

i have to thank @galaxikitti and @ninjalloyd even though they never come on since they're family members. i still need to steal 'shower thoughts' from galaxikitti

this was long, but worth it. i love you egg cave!

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wigglytuff • 5 days ago

@iris1929578 thanks! Right back at ya we should really talk more sometime soon and I totally forgot you lived there!

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jlya • 2 days ago

@cho Thank you, and happy birthday again.

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cho • 2 days ago

@jlya thank you to you too for participating!